21:50 < LCamel> Is it possilble to use the funtionality of "minicli" (alt-f2) from shell ?
21:50 < benJIman> LCamel: what sort of functionality in particular?
21:51 < LCamel> benJIman: for example, type "a.gif" will launch the associated application to open a.gif
21:52 < benJIman> LCamel: you can use kioexec
21:52 < benJIman> LCamel: or kfmclient openURL
21:54 < benJIman> LCamel: see http://uwlug.org.uk/doku.php?id=tutorials:desktop:kde:kdecli for some stuff I have in bashrc to make it easier
21:55 < LCamel> benJIman: thank you !! :D

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